Sunday, September 9, 2012

Go Johnny, Go!

Follow Me on Pinterest Autumn is my favorite season, and the legend of Johnny Appleseed is my favorite folk tale.  I loved the books Fran Kramer used to make.  She would make an 8.5" x11" color version for the teacher and a smaller black line book for the children.  I decided I needed to write my own kindergarten-friendly version of Johnny's story for my class.  We uploaded it today and you can find it right here.  

Here are a few sample pages to give you the flavor of the book.

I took my teacher copy to school last week and the children loved it.  They especially like the refrain, "Go Johnny, go!"  I can't wait to pass out their copies.  They like having their own smaller version of the books we read in class.

This is a sample of two pages from the kid version.

And this is the last page in their book.  I want to get as big a bang for my printing buck as I can, so I included a list of the sight words from the book and I've asked the parents to review them frequently with their children.

We begin week five tomorrow.  It doesn't seem possible! 


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