Sunday, August 12, 2012

Starting The Year With Brown Bear

Follow Me on Pinterest Whew!  I finally finished and put up my first packet on Teacher's Pay Teachers.  It was a new experience trying to get things figured out.  But we did (my husband is wonderful) and it's available now.  We had difficulty putting up the preview page, and we're still waiting for that to be resolved, but it's up! You can find it right here.

Since TpT only allows four thumbnail photos, I thought I'd preview a few more here.

This is one of the number wall cards.  Card number one has one brown bear, number two has two red birds and so on.  I ran out of animals after number nine, so we ended with ten teachers.

I also included a set of color wall cards in the packet.  As there aren't any pink animals in the story and I wanted a pink wall card, I used the flamingo from Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?  

There is a black line coloring sheet for each color, including pink.

This is one of the color word task cards (there are 10.)  If you have letter tiles, they world work well.  If not, I have included a page of letter tiles that you can print, laminate and cut out.  Using the squares at the bottom of the task card, the children build the color word seen above the animal.

Included in the packet you will also find a counting book, math talk cards (I'm really excited about them,) sorting and graphing sheets, color word handwriting sheets and story sequencing cards.  You can see pictures of all but the sequence cards when you click the link at the beginning of this post.

Look for another Friday Freebie on Teaching Blog Addict at the end of the week.  It'll be fun!

Have a marvelous Monday,


  1. Love your blog do you design your own graphics?

    1. Thank you! The Brown Bear graphics were drawn by Kirsten at KPM doodles. She's wonderful!